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Facetime.com.au (formerly known as Getalife.com.au) is all about making it easy for people and communities to do more. At Facetime.com.au, we help you get more out of your social life by suggesting activities, finding locations to do them, and putting you in touch with fun, like-minded people.

Activities can be of a sportingcultural and recreational nature - anything from sailing to theatre going to dinner parties or poker evenings...even underwater hockey, if you want.

Take sailing for example: Solo voyage? Isn't it more fun to hire a boat and crew and spend a day on the high seas with good company? That's exactly the kind of activity we make possible on Facetime

Our huge range of activities, community groups and clubs, combined with our broad network of providers and locations means our members can literally get more out of life! Our on-site tools can be used to broaden your social network, and enjoy the abundance of nature and culture Australia has to offer.

As a member, you also get direct savings on a wide range of desirable goods and services.

Facetime.com.au is for anybody and everybody - single or married, young or old, mum or dad, super hero or couch potato. It's a site for people with a taste for adventure and a zest for life. And it's a safe and relaxed environment to play in.

Contact us: info@facetime.com.au