Are you in the business of fun? If you're a sports or cultural facility provider, events organiser, social club, restaurant or retailer - then you've come to the right place.

Of course, can promote you on our member home page, on our activity - and member listings and through our emails and newsletters. We can set you up with a business account, so you can create and edit your own profile page and promo events. We can even let you communicate directly with our members, on a permission basis, via email or own messaging tools.

But we can do more than that. A lot more. On Facetime, ads are integrated throughout Facetime’s content offering; they are an essential part of our user proposition, with the advertiser able to effectively contribute to a positive user experience. We can drill down and position ads for foot gear before eastern suburbs bushwalkers, or car rentals before people who tour wineries in Adelaide or even sun tan lotions for beach volleyball players in Perth. Using simple tools you will make an essential contribution to a positive online experience of our members, and to the offline activities they are planning.

Concretely, our context based ad placement technology would see you interact with our users during our 3 core moments, i.e. when they:

- Find activities
- Join activities
- Create activities

  1. Find activities: Hot Deal Alert!

    In our Hot Deals section, you can submit specific promotional offers for all, or for selected members to see. With a Hot Deal Alert on our search result pages, we will then alert our members about your deals at a time they are most receptive to your promotional messages. For example, if a member is searching for a 'kayaking activity' in Sydney, our Hot Deal Alert will list all your watersports related deals in the area.

  2. Create Activities... for your Hot Deal

    Via a button 'Create an activity for this deal', members are actively encouraged to pick up your Hot Deal, publish an activity around it; and then invite their friends to join in the fun. This invitation process typically goes through Facetime's own messaging system, as well as via members' own social media accounts, e.g. Facebook. Interesting for you, is that not only does your Hot Deal get a user endorsement, for all the visitors of the Activity Profile to see. Better: your Hot Deal, and the prompt for people to sign-up to your website in order to acquire it, is actually presented as a near requirement to join the activity.

  3. Add a Hot Deal to your Activity

    Going even one better: each time a member creates or edits an activity (i.e. even when they haven't first specifically selected a Hot Deal), we will offer the organiser the option to publish your Hot Deal on their activity profile. To that end, the Create Activity form has a separate section 'Add a Hot Deal', which will offer the member a list of Hot Deals that match the activity type and location of their activity. They then can simply select the appropriate hot deal they which to publish on their activity.

  4. Events Invitation Template

    At Facetime you can publicise your events by submitting an Events Profile, which includes relevant details (e.g. cost, dates, location), a photo, and a 250 words description. Your Event Profile is advertised every day until it is complete. By searching by interest, category, date, area and other criteria our members will soon find your event. But what makes Facetime’s Events Directory really unique is its ‘Events Hosting Tool’. Your Event Profile contains a link, which encourages Facetime members to adopt your event as their own activity, and invite their friends on Facetime to attend your event.
    To see how this works, visit our Events Information page.

  1. Create your own highly targeted e-Campaign

    Want to reach thousands of your most likely customers directly? Using Facetime’s unique trader messaging tool you can create and manage your own direct mail campaign, targeting a wine buffs, theatre lovers and those interested in outdoor adventure sports, investing or salsa dancing, just to name a few.

  2. Flexible pricing

    Minimising your financial commitment and risk, Facetime's advertising credit mechanism ensures you only pay for what you need, without the need to enter into a long term subscription..
    Best of all, by submitting exclusive discounts to Facetime members, you can even earn free advertising credits.

For all advertising requests, please contact Jelle Marechal at info AT facetime DOT com DOT au

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