white labelaffiliates

Facetime’s success is based on high lead and sales conversion & renewal rates: 25 out of 100 click-throughs convert into a lead, and 5 out of 25 leads purchase a subscription, with more than 75% renewing their subscription.

Do you want to generate additional revenue from your website? We have teamed up with ClixGalore Affiliate Marketing to administer our affiliate program. Once you have joined you will have access (24/7) to an online account and tools to monitor your commission earnings and watch them grow! .


  • Commissions start at 20%, but you can earn up to 50% plus fixed cash bonuses based on our bonus scheme
  • Commission is calculated monthly and is paid within 14 days of month end.


  • Huge choice of more than 400 activities on every given day
  • Real-time reporting. Monitor your progress with reporting on links, banners, clicks, and sales.


  • You are in control; you choose which links and banners you want to use on your site.
  • IT'S EASY. We take care of purchasing, fulfilment, customer service, tracking of sales and commission payments.

How to apply:

Once you have registered as a clixGalore affiliate you will need to join the Facetime affiliate program listed on ClixGalore for an automatic approval into Facetime’s affiliate program.

Extra: White Label Solution

Facetime offers affiliates a white label solution, whereby you are able to make your Facetime landing pages take on the brand and styles (look & feel) of your own website.

To register your interest in becoming a Facetime white label affiliate partner, please contact: info@facetime.com.au