Privacy Statement

We respect and protect your privacy. Although our ability to provide this service requires that we collect personal information about our customers, we take measures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of that information. We are not involved in the selling, trading or alternative unauthorised use of personal information. We promise that we will not pass on any of your personal details to any other organisations.

The following discloses what information we gather and how it is used.

Personal & contact information

To first join (= Facetime hereafter), personally identifiable information such as your name, email address, contact details, and phone numbers are requested. This information is collected as part of the member registration process and is provided by you. You can update it at any time.

We will not disclose this personal information unless we have received your express consent to do so.

Non-personally identifiable information

To create your member profile, and to create activities and activity groups, you provide us with data (that does not personally identify you) and that is used by other members when searching or browsing the database. This includes age, gender, nationality, favorite activities, proficiencies, marital status, state, etc.

You can view all your personal information kept on our secure server at anytime by logging in and selecting "Your Profile". Here you can also change or delete whatever information you wish. Remember: the only personal information we have about you is what you provide to us.

We may use demographic information from the site, which is then aggregated into broad groups (such as the number of members in the 20-24 age group etc), for the purpose of attracting relevant advertisers or promotions. This is a statistical procedure only and in no way can individuals be personally identified .


Communications (by email or other means, which pass through the Facetime systems) between yourself and other members or employees of Getalife are stored for a limited period on our backup-systems in case of delivery difficulties, and to provide you with specific services (e.g. the “My Invitations” section).

These communications with other members are deleted from our systems on a regular basis.

Personal information provided by you voluntarily

We collect information that you volunteer to us on surveys, contests and on registration pages and use the information collected only to improve to the Getalife site and our service.

These surveys are strictly confidential. We do not reveal, disclose, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or pass on to any third parties your personal information without your consent.

Contacting you by e-mail

During the joining process you provide us with your email address as a point of contact. Periodically we will send you relevant information about site developments, new members and activities, and promotions. This is also the address we will use when you request support or assistance from us, or to respond to feedback given about our Site or Services, to confirm receipt of e-mails you have sent to us or if we need to contact you for any reason.

As a member you can request to be removed from any of our mailing lists at anytime. Whenever we send a mail-out to our members there are specific instructions in the email on how to unsubscribe. Alternatively visiting "My Service Settings’ page allows you to change mailing options.

Mail-outs may include Facetime newsletters, member activity emails, or other services.

Updating, storage and security of personal information held by Facetime

All information is stored on the Facetime systems. Safeguards including physical, technical (firewalls, SSL encryptions etc) and procedural methods are used to protect this data.

You can update your contact and profile information at any time by logging onto Getalife’s website and following the appropriate links.

When an account is terminated, all identifying information (name, email, address, phone number, photo) is deleted immediately.

Particularly sensitive information such as your credit card number is not stored in a server that is connected to the Internet. All transmission of data for the purposes of billing and collections is done via encrypted transmission between and the bank.

Finding out what personal information we hold about you

You can access all the contact and profile information we hold about you at any time, simply by logging on to the Facetime site.

If you would like to know what other information we hold about you, please contact us in any of the following ways:


Please include your Getalife User Name and tell us the email address on your Getalife account

What to do if you have a question, problem or complaint about our use of your personal information

Please contact us in any of the following ways:

Please include your Getalife User Name and tell us the email address on your Getalife account

FAcetime’s ‘cookie’ policy

As a default, we use a feature of your browser called a ‘cookie’ to assign a user ID. A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser from the site you are visiting and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are very common and completely normal throughout the Internet. Cookies do not harm your computer nor can they access information stored on your computer. The primary purpose of cookies is to maintain your customized settings on a site. You must have Cookies enabled on your web browser to use the web site.

Sharing of personal information

Facetime does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with any third party without your explicit consent, except to business partners as required to deliver Facetime’s services or where required by law.

Balancing the Privacy Needs and Rights of Two or More Members

Please note that as a general policy, Facetime does not review the content of private e-mail messages or screen the Profiles posted by Facetime members (although it may periodically review the information posted in the public areas of the service) and accepts no responsibility for resolving disputes between members.

Facetime may receive communications from members concerning other members. These may be testimonials, complaints or general information. Facetime aims to be as open as possible with all its members, without compromising the privacy of any individuals.

If you complain about another member, we may advise that member that a complaint about him / her has been received. However, we will not tell the member who made the complaint without your express permission. Further, if we suspect that the member would be able to identify who made the complaint, we will not advise that a complaint has been made unless we have your express permission.

When a complaint about a member is received, no action will be taken unless the complaint is substantiated by evidence. However, a record of the complaint may be made and included in the data held about that member.

Communications between two members will be released to either member on request. They will not be released to third parties.

Facetime staff use of and access to information held by Facetime

Facetime employees and contractors may also be members of the site, and their employment may give them access to information not generally available to other members of GFacetime or the general public.

The following code governs the behaviour of Facetime employees and contractors:

They will not use personal contact information or other personal information held by Facetime for any purpose other than the performance of their jobs.

If they wish to contact another Facetime member, they will do so by email through the Getalife system.

On first contact with another member, whether initiated by the employee / contractor or by the other member, they will make it known that they are employees of Facetime.


Spam is the Internet term for marketing or commercial e-mail you receive for which you did not ask. Facetime does not and has never supported or condoned this practice.

Marketing mail from Facetime will generally be "opt-in" / "opt-out". This means that you should not receive any commercial or marketing e-mail from us unless you have requested it, that is, you have opted in. When you opt in, every piece of commercial e-mail will contain an opt-out option, or unsubscribe function. You can send us a message telling us you would prefer not to receive the mail again and we will respect your wishes.

We may also send you e-mail providing general information about Services we provide or about goods or services that are available to you from other persons. Each time we do that, we will give you the opportunity to opt-out or unsubscribe should you choose not to receive further e-mails of that type.

Changes to Facetime’s Privacy Statement

Any changes to this Privacy policy will be published on the Facetime homepage. We will also notify our members by email.

If you have further questions about this Privacy Statement or have any other comments on how we can improve the Facetime experience, please do not hesitate to email us at